12 Months, 1200 Miles Of Trail

Can a fairly average trail runner cover 1200 miles of trail in 12 months? I’m not sure, but I’m going to give it a try.

The concept isn’t a New Year’s resolution, it stinks of one I’ll admit. For me it’s just an idea that popped into my head on my first trail run of 2013. A lot of things pop into my mind when I run. Lucky for me more things fall out. This particular idea was still rattling around in my mind when I got home and stuck around for breakfast the next day.

Some ideas are horrible house guests. They leave wet, dirty towels on the floor and drink the last cold beer. Eventually you’ve either gotta kick’em out or find a way to live with it. I’ve decided to live with “it”… 1200 miles.

My first and only race to date. The Gristmill Grinder 1/2 marathon.

My first and only race to date. The Gristmill Grinder 1/2 marathon.

A blog was born. My first post reflects the night this idea came about like a pebble in my shoe. The rest will talk document my experience as I try to cover 1200 miles in 2013. My motivators, ideas, gear, challenges and whatever else won’t be ignored.

My hope for this endeavor  serves two purposes. It’s outward facing and introspective. Giving and completely selfish. I want to clarify what I can about this sport that has become a critical staple of my life. Purely for myself. To understand why.

The other side is rooted in the belief that I’m not an anomaly. I’m not the first to fit this sport and I won’t be the last. If I can give one gift to a perfect stranger, even better a loved one, it would be the peace that I find on the right day, on the right trail in the right moment. If you’re driven to run for any reason and one post I write can put some fuel in your tank that’ll be all right. It’s time well spent.

Thanks for coming by,


  • Brent Sitterly

    Awesome goal. I identify with it well. I’m hoping to cover 52,000 feet in 2013 as much on trails as possible, a similarly arbitrary goal. Not hard if you get lots of miles in, but I don’t so I’m finding it challenging. Good luck!

    • Haynes_Mansfield

      I’m in the same boat, Brent. I sort of goofed the numbers in my head when I came up with the 1200 mile concept. For some reason I thought it would only be 20 miles a week – but then there’s that whole issue with there being FOUR weeks in a month. My guess is that I’ll make up the difference as the year goes on and my mileage increases. Is your goal hiking or running?

      • Brent Sitterly

        Running, biking(mostly mountain biking), and backcountry skiing. But most of it will be running as that’s what I love to do and mostly it’ll be on trails as that’s where I love to do these things. Its also great when you get sick or something and lose a few days or if you’re traveling etc…
        again Good Luck!

  • Laurie Tewksbury

    This is awesome, Haynes. I know how well setting goals (and making them public) has worked for me as I’m currently at 30/52 hikes for the year. I’m confident that you’ll crush yours, too. Keep it up! :)

    • Haynes_Mansfield

      Thanks Laurie! I’ve been following your progress on Facebook. Looks like you’re having a blast. You’re right, it’s a nice nudge to make projects public – keeps the fire burning.